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BABOR: SeaCreation

The secret of eternal youth - from the depths of the ocean. New energy, visible cell regeneration and lasting regeneration: the luxurious anti-aging line with exclusive active ingredients from the deep sea. A complete skin care line system with luxurious creams in two consistencies for normal and stressed, dry skin, a serum and an eye cream. The products contain the precious and ultra-effective Sea-telligent Complex, made of BABOR thermophilus, pearl protein and sea silk. The result: an intense energising and regenerating effect which leaves your skin looking five years younger after just six months!
A series of scientific tests have proven the power of nature.

The power of BABOR thermophilus is proven by the incredible resistance of these microorganisms in Guaymas Bay. The volcanic fissures in Guaymas Bay in the Pacific Ocean are home to the most adverse conditions. Geothermal energy can heat the water up to 72°C, and everything is under 200 bar of pressure. But organisms still manage to exist here. These true survivors have adapted to this hostile environment with perfect microbiological finesse. Their cells are protected by an energetic, anti-oxidizing power which BABOR has put to good use.

An extensive study on the effect of BABOR thermophilus on human skin shows the enormous potential of this maritime ingredient.

This was a double-blind trial: some of the test subjects were given creams containing BABOR thermophilus, while others received placebos. Neither the testers nor the subjects knew who had received which creams. This ensured the genuine results of the study.

The subjects used the creams twice daily. All participants were subjected to special climactic stresses over the course of the study. This was done to effectively test how well the preparations prevented visible signs of aging.