Terry Binns Skincare, Inc.

Terry Binns Spa was founded in 1984 as Terry Binns Skincare and opened in metropolitan Kansas City based on the reputation Terry had developed in providing excellent skincare services. With a background in education, speech & theater and cosmetology, this Midwesterner quickly built an enviable spa as well as a great relationship with salon and spa professionals.

In 1986, Terry expanded his business to include service to the industry in terms of professional product and equipment sales. He also provided education for both a state board of cosmetology and continuing education units for salon professionals. With a background in education and success in what was a newly-explored field of cosmetology at the time, Terry frequently provided educational experiences at little or no charge to salon professionals. He has always professed that sharing education does not create dangerous competition, but grows our industry in a healthy way.
Today, Terry Binns Skincare, Inc. meets the public in multiple venues. Terry Binns Spa, on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, provides spa services as well as home care products for our metropolitan area. Terry Binns Distribution, located in downtown Kansas City, provides products and equipment for salon professionals. Online, terrybinnsspa.com provides an opportunity for anyone to purchase quality spa products for home use.
TerryBinnsSpa.com provides a mosaic of home care products, all approved by Terry as the best choices on the market today. With nearly 40 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that your home skincare shopping needs be met by TerryBinnsSpa.com.
TerryBinnsSpa.com is a division of Terry Binns Skincare, Inc., a Kansas Corporation.