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Top Performance Formulas and Trendy Ingredients

The latest results of skin and active ingredient research are reflected in line Bel-Energen. See and feel the difference with multiactive, top performance formulas, trendy ingredients and fresh and light scents.
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Daydream Cleansing Foam Phyto-Sensation Anti-Aging Cream Phyto-Sensation Elixir
Perfect soap-free cleanser for most skin types. Perfect 24-hour cream for maturing skin. One of Dr. Belter's top popular skin care creams. Day-by-day the face becomes firmer and fresher with this 3-week treatment
Dermo-Relax Serum Dermo-Relax Cream Eye Lift Complex
Use Dermo-Relax Serum under the Dermo-Relax Creme for ultimate results. Dermo-Relax Cream is a multi-active wrinkle corrector cream. Helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and tones the skin.
Expertise 30 Set Concentra Pen Dr. Belter Bel-Energen Lumination Secret Elixir
A two-step system consisting of the Concentra Pen and the Expertise 30 cream. The Concentra Pen with roll-on applicator is used to intensively work in the peptide and hyaluronic acid concentrate. Formulated to control hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Bel-Energen Daydream Tonic Spray Lumination Secret
This soothing tonic refreshes the skin with a delicate moisturizing mist. Feather light moisturizing fluid with whitening and anti-aging effects.