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The use of ampoules is one of the highlights in cosmetic care. The diversity of the ampoule range from Dr.BelterĀ® is characterized by the unique purity and effectiveness of the high-dosage and primarily natural ingredients. Ampoules can visibly, quickly and successfully redress individual skin problems. From the first to the last drop you will be convinced by these precious ampoules. Short applications over a long period of time have proven to be extremely successful.
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Ampoule No. 1 - Ginkgo Biloba Ampoule No. 2 - Hy-O-Silk Ampoule No. 3 - Vitamin Ginseng
Ginkgo biloba concentrate has a smoothing, firming, anti-oxidative and calming effect. This fresh formula is a spring of well-being for strained skin lacking moisture.
Natural oils enriched with vitamins ensure instantly silky soft skin.
Ampoule No. 4 - Algae Extract Ampoule No. 5 - Regeneration-Concentrate Ampoule No. 6 - Anti-Irritation
Algae and sea extracts contain a multitude of highly effective substances. This special combination of high quality biological ingredients revitalizes and regenerates mature skin. The pure oil-rich ampoule soothes irritation and calms reddened, nervous skin.
Ampoule No. 7 - Aloe Vera Concentrate Ampoule No. 8 - Champagne - OPC Ampoule No. 9 - Astringent
This product pampers and benefits particularly tender, sensitive or damaged skin. Grape-Extract, OPC and red vine leaf extract are the exquisite actives of this concentrate. Damaged capillaries and oily skin with large pores benefit particularly from treatment.
Ampoule No. 12 - Anti-Stress Ampoule No. 13 - Lifting-Essence Ampoule No. 14 - Physio-Energy
This ampoule serum encompasses special plant complexes and key milk properties as a powerful shield. This ampoule is the perfect choice when you want to look fresh and youthful. A special formula of mucopolysaccharides, vitamin C and E, beta-glucan and lactokines.
Ampoule No. 15 - Phytocell-Grenadine Dr. Belter Intensa Ampoule No. 16 Hyaluronic Factor 5
A blend of unique plant extracts gives ampoule Phytocell-Grenadine exceptional caring properties. Dr. Belter #16 Hyaluronic Factor 5 Ampoules in box of ten.