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Line N:
For Young and Uncomplicated Skin Type
Line »N« is the basic care range from DR.BELTER® COSMETIC. The products offered in this economical range are suitable for young, unproblematic skin and for newcomers to skin care. They contain gentle, natural, biological ingredients, well balanced to safeguard skin elasticity, beauty and youth, to counter small faults and support the skin's natural resistance.
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Cleansing Gel Lotion Orange Cream Carotin
Every skin type will appreciate this cooling cleansing gel with its pleasant fresh melon fragrance. With stimulating properties ideally supports facial cleansing, preparing the skin for subsequent care. A tried and tested protection cream to ward off the elements during the winter months.
Cream Aloe Cream Vitagel C/E
Used as a day or night cream (24 hours) that calms and tangibly smoothes the skin. An almost weightless fresh cream-gel with moisture complexes and vitamins.