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Biogen Cellular

From research project to anti-aging miracle. BIOGEN CELLULAR delivers sensational healing results in the treatment of postoperative wounds. This highly effective skincare range, formulated with the special BIOGEN PLANT Extract, also achieves extremely intensive cell regeneration. Outstanding results in estoring optimum skin condition make BIOGEN CELLULAR a uniquely regenerative, anti-aging miracle.
Sensational results in practical tests under the direction of Dr. Michael A. König, Facelift  specialist at the Klinik am Ring, Cologne.

Dr. Michael A. König has been cooperating with BABOR Cosmetics for several years. “The success of any surgical procedure depends largely on the cosmetic pre- and postoperative care. Only the combination of plastic surgery and highly effective skincare produces the best results.”

“The effect of DOCTOR BABOR BIOGEN CELLULAR has far exceeded my high expectations,” Dr. Michael A. König notes enthusiastically. He tested the formula on his patients – with sensational success. And the test results? “The test produced top marks and extremely high approval rates. Totally unusual for a cosmetic product.”