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J.F. Lazartigue

The j.f. lazartigue brand of haircare products began in 1976 with several innovative products including the treatment cream shampoo with collagen, the pre-shampoo cream with shea butter and the vita-cream with milk proteins. It was the first line to incorporate, into haircare, the same ingredients as in skin care (AHA, collagen, vitamins). Mr. Lazartigue’s philosophy has always been to select the best available ingredients and use them in high concentrations. All of them are tested in the J.F. Lazartigue laboratories in France as well as in his salons & treatment centers. In 1987, he brought his complete line to the United States. The j.f. lazartigue group today: - An international brand distributed in more than 60 countries - A non-damaging color process 100% ammonia & peroxide free - A non-damaging straightening process based on 70% plant extracts
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Moisturizing Mask Treatment Cream Shampoo with Collagen Body-giving Shampoo
This pre-shampoo mask is recommended for both dry hair and dehydrated scalps. This nourishing treatment cream shampoo is recommended for thick, brittle, dry, and very dry hair with plenty of volume. This emerald gel gives body to all hair types including fine hair. Particularly effective on limp hair.
Moisturizing Shampoo Marine Shampoo Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo
An ultra-gentle washing treatment shampoo for very dry, color treated or processed hair. The washing base of this daily shampoo is gentle and intended for those with oily roots but more dry hair. This extremely gentle shampoo makes hair soft and light, while fighting against dehydration and breakage.
Soy Milk Strengthening Conditioner Disentangling Instant Silk Protein Spray Hair Volume Tonic
This high detangling power conditioner densifies and repairs thin hair while giving it manageability and great shine! This multi-purpose product immediately untangles hair without rinsing. This styling spray is a genuine solution for fine, limp hair.
Anti-dandruff Cream Tea Oil Delicate Shampoo Tea Oil Delicate Conditioner
This remarkably effective cream releases and eliminates dandruff, reduces itching, and softens and purifies the scalp. This shampoo incorporates the subtle, captivating power of Tea. It nourishes fine, fragile hair without making it limp. This light treatment conditioner is specially formulated for very fine hair that is dry and prone to breakage and dullness.
Bancoulier Oil Rich Shampoo
This shampoo overwhelms you with the magical power of Bancoulier oil. It nourishes very dry, dull, and damaged thick hair.