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For Mature, Demanding, and Strained Skin
DR.BELTER® COSMETIC’s R&D division has chosen the most promising cosmetic anti-aging agents and created a new anti-age line for highest demands. Very interesting approaches in current anti-ageing research come from the field of ethno-medicine, a branch which deals with herbal naturopathy of exotic peoples. Recent research in this field has come across the positive, stimulating and hormone-like effect of certain herbal extracts containing phytohormones or so called Isoflavones respectively. Isoflavones act against hormone determined decrease of collagen and the consequent signs of aging, such as tissue thinning, wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity. Serial analyses have verified that Isoflavones can stimulate skin collagen build up and simultaneously inhibit collagen breakdown. Through the increase of the collagen proportion in the supportive tissue the skin shows a replenished, firm and elastic structure, as is typical of youthful skin. Valuable oils form the basis into which, in addition to the Isoflavones, further complementing and technically innovative anti-ageing agents are incorporated: for instance Retinol-spheres, Vitamin C-spheres and Hyaluronic acid-spheres. The spheres used here are new patented carrier vesicles which offer many advantages: they allow to enclose a high concentration of the effective agent they can include lipophilic and hydrophilic agents they show a continuous release of the included agent they protect and give stability to the fragile active agents The interplay of all ingredients protects from transepidermal moisture loss, UV-induced skin aging, and premature loss of skin density and elasticity, and consequent wrinkle formation. All stimula products are free of mineral oils. With the »stimula« products mature, demanding and strained skin receives goal-directed, highly effective care. Beautiful and healthy skin is not a miracle – but the visible proof of effective anti-age care!
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Nobless Cleansing Oil Nobless Fresh Tonic Superior Night Care
This hydrophilic cleansing oil gently cleanses the skin without drying it out. Nobless Fresh Tonic perfects the cleansing process and rebalances the skin's pH level while optimally preparing the skin for the following care products Superior Night Care is a replenishing cream for demanding skin.
Bio-Resource 24 Phyto-Cell 24 Stimula ~ VivaCell Glow Serum
Bio-Resource 24 is cream created for strained, mature and dry skin. PhytoCell 24 helps to protect the skin from UV Rays, while leaving the skin with a velvety, radiant finish. Expert anti-aging actives develop a strongly revitalizing spectrum of effects leaving the skin taut and fresh
Stimula ~ BioDynamic OleoSerum Stimula ~ BioResource Elixir Stimula ~ BioDynamic Eye Contouring Cream
The sumptuous oleo gel nourishes very dry skin with a selection of precious oils This concentrated super rich fluid provides the extraordinary caring properties of a top selection of natural lipids to very dry and demanding skin Rich, regenerating eye care for demanding skin
Nobless Fresh Milk
Pleasantly mild to the skin, it combines thorough cleansing properties to precious ingredients providing an exquisite experience of freshness