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For Sensitive Skin
Functional skin disorder and an impaired skin immunity system require special care and attention in the method of treatment. This type of skin demands the best skincare for sensitive skin. Care must focus on regenerating and fortifying the skin's protective shield, reducing skin disorder and bringing the surface of the skin to a strong state of balance.

Dr. Belter offers a great selection of skin products for sensitive skin in the Sensi-Bel line. The Sensi-Bel range ensures a particularly gentle, meaningful and balanced skin therapy for very sensitive skin. It is a source of relaxation and well-being for challenging skin types, especially for the care of skin with a tendency to psoriasis or neurodermatitis. All of the skin products for sensitive skin in this series have been tested to ensure dermatological compatibility and are free of fragrance and colorants. Our products range from the best gentle moisturizer for psoriasis to delicate night care. It is important for people with sensitive skin to keep their skin moisturized without irritating it. We have the best moisturizer for sensitive skin and psoriasis.
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Delicate Cleanser Delicate Tonic Delicate Day Care
This naturally-colored, soap-free gel cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin. This is a favorite of Dr. Belter fans and a great starting point if you are unsure of what cleanser to use on your skin. Easily on our top sellers list!

200 ml/6.76 fl. oz
Perfect toner for sensitive skin.

Perfect day cream for sensitive and strained skin.
Delicate Night Care Couperosis Serum Couperosis Mask
Perfect night cream for strained and sensitive skin. Soothing phyto-concentrate for the skin with a tendency towards redness and fragile capillaries. It develops a pleasant calming effect, fortifies fragile vessels while protecting the skin from environmental damage and premature aging. Cream mask for skin with a tendency to erythema and fragile capillaries.