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The BABOR cosmetic lines feature skincare products made using innovative scientific findings. The mission of the BABOR cosmetic company is to use the finest natural ingredients to create effective skin care products that create a beautiful and rejuvenated complexion.

BABOR beauty products have been used by skincare professionals for decades and continues to remain one of the most trusted names in the beauty industry. The unique benefits that BABOR skincare offers is in the natural and precious ingredients that guarantee the highest skin tolerance. BABOR skincare products, including BABOR cream, makeup and beauty fluids, are developed using the principles of nature and comply with species protection guidelines. BABOR also NEVER uses animal testing.

When you buy BABOR cream, lotions, makeup or any other BABOR product, you know you are getting top quality products that will create a more beautiful you!
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Camouflage Cream Babor ESSENTIAL CARE Pure Cream Phytoactive Sensitive
Great coverage for scars and bruises. Essential Care Pure Cream is a light face cream for problematic skin. A special complex of phytosphingosine and farnesol help combat impurities and leave the complexion looking clean and refreshed. This water-soluble herbal extract for sensitive skin is part of a bi-phase cleansing system along with HY-OL cleanser.
Phytoactive Base Phytoactive Combination Phytoactive Reactivating
This water-soluble herbal extract for dry skin is part of a bi-phase cleansing system wtih HY-OL cleanser. For oily and combination skin is part of a signature bi-phase cleansing system along with HY-OL cleanser. Awater-soluble herbal extract for mature skin in need of regeneration.